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Dear groundhog, you’re so wrong this year!

A client, an interior designer, ordered some flower arrangements from us last week for a photo shoot. She showed us the color scheme and the finishes of the space being photographed in advance. We felt that this generally dimmed interior could use some accents; hence a colorful design was born. We were happy with how this arrangement brought a positive energy and brightened the space. We loved how vibrant and vivid the colors were, but at the same time it made us wonder if the Spring Goddess would be visiting us soon…



Is Spring finally here?

Today is such a beautiful day in New York City! After a cold and gray start of the week, the sun finally decided to come out and smile at us! We hope this means Spring is here to stay. Otherwise, we may show our teeth just like these pink Domo-kuns!!


2013 Philadelphia Flower Show

This year’s show is another great success! You can see wonderful floral arrangements, articulated gardens, and stunning award-winning plants all under one roof. Check out the website  If you have not been this year or ever been, go soon! The show ends this Sunday the 10th.

Floral crown Succulents Container Garden Clematis Award-winning Lady SlippersBeautiful arrangements-2 Beautiful arrangements-1

Happy Birthday!

We sent out this white and green arrangement to a dear client of ours for his birthday. Aww, the color scheme is soooo refreshing after all the pinks and reds for the Valentine’s Day!



We are ready!

We arrived at the flower market early this morning… wholesalers hustling, florists bustling, delivery vans honking. We love the energy of the day before Valentine’s Day!


Are you ready for your Valentine?

Yes, we are! Long time no see Everyone! We have been busy getting ready for the Valentine’s Day. Please see below for our special collection for you. Visit us at

Sweetheart Your Secret Admirer Lady in Red Queen of My Heart

Happy 2013!

Happy New Year! Hope everybody had wonderful holidays!

We did an intimate wedding over the holidays. The color scheme was red and very festive. We used amaryllis, roses, mokara orchids and cymbidium orchids for the tall centerpieces. For the bridal bouquet, same types of flowers were used, but with light pink cymbidium orchids for bride’s petite figure. The party was a big success! We were told that everybody was raving about the flowers and how luxurious they were! We wish the very best for the happy couple. We also want to wish everyone a Healthy and Successful 2013!!




Inspirations from Nature

We are always searching for inspirations for our floral creations. I came across these beautiful pictures from National Geographic’s website. Nature truly is our best teacher!


Happy Holidays!

We have been sending these green and red arrangements out to our clients to wish them Happy Holidays. Do you think these colors are festive? Happy Holidays everybody!!


Wild Wild Orchids

We handle flowers and plants everyday. There are a few types of flowers that never fail to fascinate us, and one of them is orchids. From the very familiar moth orchid (Phalaenopsis), dancing-lady orchid (Oncidium), corsage orchid (Cattleya), lady slipper orchid (Paphiopedilum) to the lesser known ones, like Epidendrum, Miltonia, Masdevallia and Brassia, the orchid family is so vast, so mysterious, and so captivating. Today we picked up two Odontoglossum orchid plants for a client. We think he will appreciate these unusual and flamboyant flowers more than the solid-colored Phalaenopsis. We hope these flowers accompany him to an exciting 2013!2012-12-17a2012-12-17b