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Month: July, 2013

A Little Bit of Color Theory

We love flowers and we love colors. We often experiment different color combinations with floral materials. Yesterday we saw a great opportunity to use analogous colors in one arrangement. Just in case you’re wondering, “analogous colors” are the neighboring colors on the color wheel (please see the color wheel below as the arrows indicate). We were so happy with the design that we couldn’t wait to share with everybody. Who says only complementary color scheme is enticing?





How About Some Onion This Time?

When you see these beautiful globular clusters of flowers, can you imagine they are closely related to onion and garlic? These Allium flowers come out in late spring and summer. Some species grow up to more than 4′ tall with flower heads more than 7″ in diameter. They are magnificent to look at, but be aware of the smell of some of them. They are in the same family of garlic and onion after all.