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Month: December, 2012

Inspirations from Nature

We are always searching for inspirations for our floral creations. I came across these beautiful pictures from National Geographic’s website. Nature truly is our best teacher!



Happy Holidays!

We have been sending these green and red arrangements out to our clients to wish them Happy Holidays. Do you think these colors are festive? Happy Holidays everybody!!


Wild Wild Orchids

We handle flowers and plants everyday. There are a few types of flowers that never fail to fascinate us, and one of them is orchids. From the very familiar moth orchid (Phalaenopsis), dancing-lady orchid (Oncidium), corsage orchid (Cattleya), lady slipper orchid (Paphiopedilum) to the lesser known ones, like Epidendrum, Miltonia, Masdevallia and Brassia, the orchid family is so vast, so mysterious, and so captivating. Today we picked up two Odontoglossum orchid plants for a client. We think he will appreciate these unusual and flamboyant flowers more than the solid-colored Phalaenopsis. We hope these flowers accompany him to an exciting 2013!2012-12-17a2012-12-17b

Our Winter Collection is coming!

Look at this beautiful white phalaenopsis orchid arrangement with silver branches from our Winter Colleciton! We wish everybody a wonderful holiday season!Trip_Winter2012_01_005_120912_v1

Coffee? We like Green Tea better today.

We came in early to get fresh flowers. It’s Monday morning and our eyes were half-open. We were really craving for some coffee… until we saw these “Green Tea” roses! We were suddenly wide awake at the sight of these bright green flowers! We could not resist but bought some, and designed an arrangement with matching dendrobium orchids. We hope we created a fresh start of the week for the lucky recipient!