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Fall for Colorful Branches

Fall is a the perfect season to incorporate beautiful branches in floral arrangements: Maple leaves provide stunning colors, magnolia leaves have lush texture on their back, rose bushes offer juicy red and orange fruits… There are so many materials waiting for your imagination and creativity. Hope you like the example we provided here!

Ilex (Holly) branches, yellow Mokara orchids, orange tinted Phalaenopsis orchids and grass for an interesting and modern composition


Mother’s Day Specials

We at Triplicity Flowers created some special arrangements for the upcoming Mother’s Day. Some of freshest seasonal flowers, such as peonies, tulips and sweet peas, are incorporated in the soft and sweet designs. Visit our Facebook page, and you may be the luck winner for a free bouquet this year!

Tender Smile

Tender Smile – Sweet peas, hyacinth and hydrangeas

Sweet Devotion

Sweet Devotion – Peonies, tulips and hyacinth


Orchids as National Flowers

We at Triplicity Flowers aim to make great use of the color spectrum of purples and pinks coming from orchids, a perennial favorite among lovers of fauna. All over the world, the orchid is revered for its resilience and ability to stay in bloom longer than many other plant species. This makes them a great partner for our many bouquets and arrangements that we put together daily.


Many people think of an orchid as a single flower, but the Orchidaceae family of plants contains many flowering buds that people refer to as orchids. It has a worldwide rate of distribution, which means that cultures all over the world have encountered this plant, many of which have given the orchid a special place in their community.


For example, there are multiple species of orchid that inhabit a special place in some countries as a flower of national importance. Interestingly enough, these countries aren’t sequestered in one section of the world but can be found everywhere from Latin America to Southeast Asia.


South America is home to a couple of countries who have placed orchid varieties on a unique pedestal. Over in Venezuela, the national flower is Cattleya mossiae, an incredibly fragrant variety of orchid that is also known as the “Easter orchid.” These flowers bloom with petals that display either a muted pink or bright white colors.


In Columbia, the national flower’s official name is Cattleya trianae, which can be referred to as the “Christmas orchid.” It has special significance in Columbia because the red, yellow and blue-tipped orchid’s lip reflects the colors of the national flag. It is also named for Columbian botanist Jerónima Triana.


Halfway across the world, in Singapore, the locals delight in their own orchid variety, Vanda ‘Miss Joaquim’ ,where this plant is the country’s national flower. Its colors are much deeper and more fiery than orchids from other areas of the world. The plants require full sunlight, free air movement and high humidity, which Singapore’s climate is perfect for. This plant has an impressive height. It can reach up to more than 6 feet tall with proper support.


We’re always learning about what is best loved about flowering plants from across the world. We bring that knowledge home to you to help you buy a better bouquet for your loved ones. You can find us at 120 W. 28th Street in Manhattan, just off of the Avenue of the Americas.

Cattleya mossiae-Venezuela's national flower

Cattleya mossiae-Venezuela’s national flower

Cattleya trianae-Columbia's national flower

Cattleya trianae-Columbia’s national flower

Vanda miss joaquim-Singapore's national flower

Vanda miss joaquim-Singapore’s national flower

Tall Vanda Miss Joaquim plants

Tall Vanda Miss Joaquim plants


2014 NYBG Orchid Show & Orchid Caring Tips

If you are in New York City area in March and beginning of April, we highly recommend visiting the New York Botanical Garden in Bronx. This year thousands and thousands of orchids have been used to transform part of the Conservatory into a modern Key West estate Garden. The show is magnificent and a kaleidoscope full of colors is simply breath-taking. We love orchids and often incorporate them in our arrangements. Many people think orchids are tricky to grow, but there are some simple tips to achieve success:

  1. If the leaves are too light, it means they are getting too much sun. If the leaves are dark green, it means they are not getting enough sunlight. Make sure to check the leaf color often to make sure that the changing environmental conditions aren’t affecting the amount of light your orchid is getting. If you keep the orchids indoor, provide them bright light. Try to avoid hot direct sunlight.
  2. You don’t want the roots to soak after watering, so it helps if you put rocks in the bottom of the flower pot. Just make sure the water to drains completely.
  3. When a lot of longer roots are spilling over the side of the pot, it’s a good indication that it is time to repot the orchid. Wait until your orchid stops blooming to repot, and watch the root length/amount of roots cascading out of the pot.
  4. Water early in the day so that the plant dries out during the day. Typically for the most common orchid, such as Phalaenopsis, water once per week is sufficient. The water requirement for each orchid type is different. Be sure to ask when you purchase the orchids.
  5. Own the right type of orchid! With thousands of different types of orchids, it is important when selecting an orchid for your home that you match up the correct living conditions, for example the amount of light into the house, the temperature and humidity. Read the label to see what conditions are optimal.
Panels of cascading Phalaenopsis Orchids

Panels of cascading Phalaenopsis Orchids

Part of the Conservatory

Part of the Conservatory



Sweet Miltoniopsis Orchids

Sweet Miltoniopsis Orchids

Striking 'Darwin's Star' Angraecum Orchid

Striking ‘Darwin’s Star’ Angraecum Orchid

A palm size 'Lady Slipper' Orchid

A palm size ‘Lady Slipper’ Paphiopedilum Orchid

Mini Oncidium Orchid

Mini Oncidium Orchids

Beautiful Cattleya Orchids

Beautiful Cattleya Orchids

2014 Philadelphia Flower Show

This year’s Philadelphia Flower Show was a big success again! With ARTiculture being the title of the show, there were so many stunning art inspired floral and garden designs. From Calder inspired entrance installation to Kandinsky-like arrangements, the Show exhibited great creativity from floral and landscape designers. I am sure you’d agree with me if you had a chance to visit the show this year.

Show entrance

Show entrance

Modern art inspired installation

Modern art inspired installation

Mini mobile sculpture in orange peels

Mini mobile sculpture in orange peels

Modern dance inspired arrangements

Modern dance inspired arrangements




Spring Flower Arrangements

Now that the winter holidays are coming to an end, it’s time to start thinking about the colors and smells of spring! Spring is a time for blooming, growth, and dazzling floral arrangements. From pink and coral to green and purple, the flower arrangements coming this spring are sure to be real eye pleasers.

Elegant flowers will soon be surrounding us for the upcoming holidays – Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, and then soon after it’s wedding season. The options become quite interesting come spring, with bright daffodils, lovely scented lilacs, and gorgeous tulips. There will definitely be plenty of unique arrangements and colors coming up this season!

The ombre trend has moved to the flower world! Expect to see arrangements playing with ombre styles using different shades of lilacs, roses, and practically any other colorful flowers. Fading from light to dark, the flowers blend into a truly beautiful art display.

Green will finally take the reins this spring, with green flowers popping up in arrangements, perhaps complimented with nice purple peonies or orchids. For those who prefer green leaves, long grass and thin dangling leaves can turn almost any arrangement into a whole, naturalized piece.

We’ll certainly see a lot of candy-colored arrangements when spring arrives as well. The peaches, corals, and pinks look beautiful in a simple white or black vase, and complement each other nicely.

Spring is the perfect time for up-cycling and there’s not much better than a homemade vase. Flowers can be placed in anything from old jars to teapots or watering cans. A quick paint job to almost anything makes a quick holder for the many beautiful varieties of spring flowers.

This season will be full of all kinds of surprises as the flowers bloom!

Different colors of lilacs, blue hyacinths and lime green hydrangeas

Different colors of lilacs, blue hyacinths and lime green hydrangeas

Picasso calla lilies, hot pink phalaenopsis orchids and orange mokara orchids

Picasso calla lilies, hot pink phalaenopsis orchids and orange mokara orchids

Pantone Fashion Colors Spring 2014

Pantone Fashion Colors Spring 2014

Thank You for a Wonderful 2013!

We have not posted a new blog for a while due to our workload (very thankfully). On this New Year’s Eve, we want to express our gratitude for all the support you have given us in this past year. 2013 has been indeed a wonderful year for us! We would like to thank all our clients and friends for your trust in us. We promise to bring you more beautiful floral designs in 2014. We sincerely wish everybody a Healthy, Safe and Happy New Year!

Phalaenopsis Orchids, Roses, Mums and Tilandsias

A Bridal Bouquet of Phalaenopsis Orchids, Roses, Mums and Tilandsias

Kiku = Chrysanthemum

Yesterday we went to the members-only preview of the annual Kiku (chrysanthemum in Japanese) Show at the New York Botanical Garden in Bronx. From the way the show is designed to the gorgeous chrysanthemums themselves, this year’s exhibit is spectacular! The highly expected Ozukuri (thousand blooms from only one plant) is fabulous as ever. Some of the varieties, such as Flair and Winsome, are so breath-taking that they reach 12″ in diameter and even more. This is a show we highly recommend if you are in the New York City area in October!


Ozukuri (thousand blooms) Style

Ozukuri (thousand blooms) Style

Back of Ozukuri Style

Back of Ozukuri Style

Details of Ozukuri Style show only one plant

Details of Ozukuri Style show only one plant


‘Chesapeake’, 7″ diameter






Beautiful Curcuma Flowers

In recent years, turmeric has become popular for its anti-inflammatory property. You can easily find turmeric supplement in a health food store, but do you know its flowers are this pretty? Turmeric plants, which belong to genus Curcuma, are in the ginger family. They typically bloom in summer time. The flowers come in green, white, and different shades of pink. We combined the light pink Curcuma flowers with Celosia (cock’s comb) and yellow Mokara orchids. Enjoy the Curcuma flowers while they are available!

Curcuma, Celosia and Mokara Orchids



A Little Bit of Color Theory

We love flowers and we love colors. We often experiment different color combinations with floral materials. Yesterday we saw a great opportunity to use analogous colors in one arrangement. Just in case you’re wondering, “analogous colors” are the neighboring colors on the color wheel (please see the color wheel below as the arrows indicate). We were so happy with the design that we couldn’t wait to share with everybody. Who says only complementary color scheme is enticing?